BarzRusTheMovie is now casting #actors / musicians for lead & minor roles for the full Short Film. Directed by @BarzRusEnt edited by Dice Films

Available roles….

#Marko’s nieghborhood/ childhood fm friend….ages 21-35

BarzRus Supporters: people whom will purchase cdees or apparel

BarzRus Haters/ naysayers| those who aren’t supporting the movement…

BarzRus male rapper: age 21 thru 35…heavy set…dreads or braids preferably…REAL rapper – height: over 5″8

Real Street Hittaz: real neighborhood street oriented people… Mfs that shoot dice/ talk shit/ and make the block look gud

Selena: BarzRus blogger…..preferably a caucasian or latino female.

We start shooting scenes today at diff locations.

If interested contact


Contiuous roles for Ron Dills (security) & Sincere (druglord)

((#Trailer)) Out Now

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