Breakfast Is Good Anytime ((bon appetit)) @GemSki203 Presents – Barz 4 Breakfast f/ (@QuAmzMost) #SuckerfreeSunday

Tell ma i made Gemski television/

i was so yung N dumb i  would never listen

Breakfast is wonderful no matter wat time it iz! Matter fact, let me get me a pancake special!  I want 2pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs-no cheese & a Tropicana!

Before i get into this meal tho, i would like to personally  thank Gemski TV for the first episode..Hold on, im bangin this bacon..(pardon me). & let me not forget to menton Qu Amazen Most kilt it! #murderscene

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Posted by: RedSnappa

Barz 4 Breakfast vol1 f qu amazen most (barz R us)

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