#BopKingMeechie Is Wishing Yall An Early Happy New Year, Boppin To °Till I Meet Selena° (@DeMetriUisMay) #HNY #Tony

The brogod BopKingMeechie has a #PSA that he requests your full attention on. Man look, he’s wishing yall an early turnt mf New Years. “Aint no mo sittin at home alone/ while your out with somebody else“. Yea you tell him, or her that there, courtesy of Changing Faces.

Anyhow, Meechie goes live in the footage available to view below. Bop culture in Chicago is a movement/ culture and not a fad. So don’t expect this talent to go swept under the rug like one hit wonders.

Powered by King Louie’s Till I Meet Selena
posted by Snappa


Make sure yall be safe out there!! On another note, Meechie finna bop to Till I Meet Selena

PS: Heavy reefah puffer/ flexin make a muscle

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