“My bonk was all i had Tv Radio Hotpot my bad/

My pens nd all my pads, ended up copywritten i be spittin i had” #TalkOfChicago

“Foodstamps was all i had, so i jumped in the game wit a ball got a stash/

Copman say all i ask, if i hit yu wit ah ounce doubleback doubledat” #Swagga

Swagga takes a step in reverse to shed let on adversity which he used as an advantage to become more in tune with songwriting & the craft. Within that incarceration he had no choice to realize besides the man upstairs, television, hotpot, nd a radio was all he had. That led to the remix of Styles P’s The Life f/ Pharoahe Monch. Pay attention nd get in tune with All I Had via Talk Of Chicago



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