#BabyMamaDrama| @ChiefKeef Claims He Smashed @Dmx BM @YadiraBorrego In – Walnuts (#Audio)


I’m smokin trees gettin top from Lanipop/
& still want some fuckin more Zombie Top
” #Sosa


There were more than enough defamation of character quotes in Sosa’$ – Walnuts. We all know lil bro don’t care whom he puts on blast & the pain & agony it can cause.
I fu-ked DMX baby mama,” Chief Keef raps on the song. “Yadera, Shakira, or whatever that b-tch name is / She threw it back for me / I hit her, I sent that b-tch a plane ticket.” Those were lines published via Gbe’s Chief Keef. #whomad?

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