#Audio| Twista f/ Gritz °Nothing Like Me° (Prod: @Traxster) @TwistaGMG @GritzGMG


[Intro – Gritz]
He don’t do the things like I, do he?
He don’t make you feel like I, do he? Do he?
He don’t drive the car I drive, do he?
He ain’t gettin money like I, do he? Do he

[Verse 1 – [Twista]
Every minute I be in it
Every minute I be in it, I be killin competition
Watch I break ’em from the start to the finish
I make ’em start to diminish and body anybody
Makin’ a comment about me the way I don’t like
Disgruntled motherfuckers and suckers, today we call ’em haters
I’m so major, hoes on me and they wanna fight
They wanna bite ’cause I’m original like Bobby Digital
My style is critical and yours intermediate
I’m just a rappin legacy, I got the recipe
For cookin up and servin, and they likin the ingredients
I’m mackin’, I’m a genius, a flow of horror, I could peep your
Aura and see what your inner feelings might be
Niggas talkin shit ’cause they ain’t used to bein’
In the same room with a legendary nigga like me
Some of ’em really wanna be me and they want my car, ho
And they flow like me
Niggas wanna take away my style, they can get it how I get it
But they money never grow like me though
How I live it is exquisite and the picture is so vivid that the riches
Are not only monetary but within the body and the mental
Spectacular graphics in back of a plethora of energy
Vocally vibratin rhythms through a instrumental
Spit and tellin niggas you don’t really want it
Bitches you don’t really want it
Think I’m dissin even when it’s hypothetical and I ain’t really on it
I’m known to body my opponents
Should I say opposition, in my position I’m expected to be venomous
I beat ’em down verbally the way I rap
Like it was multiples of me, I fuck ’em up like it was ten of us
And this ain’t even strenuous


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